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Rising S Company reviews numerous items, materials, and furnishings that come from all around the world. Their team of highly-experienced builders is always on the lookout for better materials, newer fittings, more innovative systems and techniques, and state-of-the-art appliances that could feature into some of their world-renowned luxury bunkers. ISO 9001 certified and approved by the United States Air Force Civil Engineering, their bunkers are the forefront of innovation and development among the global field of survival shelters and safe rooms. They build their bunkers with their clients’ specific comforts and needs in mind. This is why the quest to continue innovating is always at the forefront of their work culture and ethic around the company.

For Rising S Company, reviews and feedback from their customers are incredibly important. So they’re always on the lookout for new materials and additions to what they could be building for their clients tomorrow. Everything from the way the water is handled, purified, and fed through the system, to how to store food (both perishables and non-perishables) are incredibly important in any survival bunker. The ultimate goal is to withstand and survive any incoming onslaught or calamity and to maintain the health of everyone who will be living in the bunker.  

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